Soundproof Beds: 2 Methods to Create Them for a Better Sleep


Sleep is incredibly important for everyone and to get the appropriate amount of calming sleep, you need to have a noise-free sleeping environment, which might include a soundproof bed.

An illustration showing how a Soundproof bed might look like

In this article, I’m going to talk about how you can get your bed to be noiseless, some soundproof bed alternatives for a relaxing night’s sleep, and much more.

Do Soundproof Beds Exist?

As much as it pains me to tell you, no, soundproof beds are not manufactured by bedding companies.

They do not exist, and even though the comfort and relaxation technology has become so advanced, manufactories will not create soundproof beds soon.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel:

Soundproof beds may not come manufactured right from the factories but you can soundproof a bed by yourself.

Why Are Noisy Beds Problematic?

Do you have a noisy bed? Does it creak a lot? It can be quite problematic for several reasons when you have a bed that makes many sounds while you’re lying on it.

Here are some of the biggest issues that noise beds cause:

  • Sleep Problems – One of the biggest issues with a noisy bed is that when you lie on it, and you’re trying to sleep, making a turn or getting up, or even setting yourself, it can cause many ruckuses and disturb your sleep.
  • Disturbing Others – If you’re living with your family and you’ve got a creaky and squeaky bed, whenever you lie on it, the sound might disturb others nearby. Nocturnal noises can harm sleep even if you are not consciously observing them.[1]
  • Annoying sound – Sitting on your bed and it keeps making noise? Well, such beds can be incredibly annoying. This sound that constantly emits from the bed can feel repetitive and extremely annoying to the ears.

How to Soundproof Your Bed

To take care of the ruckus and creaking of your bed noises, the best thing to do is manually soundproofing your bed.

DIY bed soundproofing has become very popular.

Here are two common and effective methods of dampening the sound coming from your squeaky bed:

Method 1: Using soundproof panels

Soundproof panels are objects which are made to absorb sounds from around them to dampen the overall sound.

They’re made of wooden frames with sound absorption materials like mineral wool, cellulose, or fiberglass.

They’re also called acoustic panels.

You can find multiple kinds of acoustic panels of different sizes to fit your needs.

Let’s take a look at what you’re going to need:

  • Frame Dividers
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Adhesive Glue

Here is a step-by-step guide to reduce the sound of your creaky bed with the help of soundproof panels.

Step 1: Installing frame dividers on bed structure

Frame dividers are wooden outline structures that are crafted according to the size of your bed frame.

Take measurements and give them to your carpenter so they can create the perfect frame dividers for your bed.

You can nail these frame dividers with long nails into the bed structure to make sure they’re properly fixed onto the bed.

Step 2: Getting appropriately-sized acoustic panels

Once you have a frame divider available, you’re going to take measurements and get appropriately-sized acoustic panels for the frames according to the frame sizes.

If you’ve got bigger panels, you can manually cut them into smaller but perfectly measured pieces.

Step 3: Applying adhesive into the frames

You can use adhesive, spray-on-glue, or any other kind of glue to fix the panels into the frames.

Place the glue on the frame’s base and the sides and corners of the frame dividers.

This will help keep the panels fixed once you place them inside.

Step 4: Placing panels and fixing them completely

When the glue is fresh and hasn’t dried already, you’re going to take the acoustic panels and place them one by one into the dedicated frames so they can dampen the sound of the bed.

After you’ve placed them inside, if the panels have a wooden structure, you can use screws to fix the panels to the bed frame as well as the frame divider to ensure maximum safety.

Step 5: Enjoying your sleep with a noiseless bed

You’re all done! Now your bed should make fewer budging sounds and creaky noises.

Method 2: Soundproof curtains

You might be familiar with canopy beds.

These beds come with curtains on all four sides, and these curtains help to soundproof your bed and stop any noise from disturbing anyone.

If you don’t have a canopy bed right off the bat, there’s no need to worry because you can build one on your own.

Here’s what you’re going to need to make your bed soundproof with curtains:

  • Curtains
  • Curtain Railings
  • Tools – A power drill, screws, and a ladder

Step 1: Fixing Railings on the Ceilings

First of all, you’re going to want to fix the curtain railings onto the ceiling above your bed.

You’re going to need a power drill and a screw set for this.

Take a single railing at a time and screw it into place on the ceiling.

Continue this process until all the 4 railings have been fixed around the ceiling, and you can hang the curtains onto the railings perfectly.

Step 2: Find Perfectly-Sized Curtains

The size of the curtains really depends upon how long you want them to be.

Commonly, bed curtains come to the surface of the bed, but if you want complete soundproofing, you should increase the length.

You can even get the curtains down to the ground.

However, it’s recommended to keep a little gap between the curtains and the floor.

Step 3: Customize the curtains according to your liking

Make sure the curtains match the bedsheets, look beautiful and complement the room itself.

Step 4: Hang the Curtains on the Railings

This is going to be the hard part…

Thicker curtains are the best for sound dampening. And thicker curtains are heavy.

Use a ladder to take the curtain up to the railing and hang the curtain on it.

One by one, hang all the curtains onto the railings.

Effective Alternatives for Soundproof Beds

If you don’t want to go overboard with it and make your bed soundproof using the DIY hacks I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of great alternatives for soundproof beds that will keep the noise in your bedroom away and help you sleep relaxed.

Let’s take a look at the major effective alternatives for soundproof beds:

Using ear-muffs

In my opinion, the cheapest and most efficient solution to a creaky bed emitting a lot of noise and creating ruckus is using ear-muffs.

Ear-muffs are objects you can place on your ears to reduce noise.

They’re made of incredibly soft material so they feel pretty calming and soothing all while keeping the noisy sound of your bed at bay.

Ear-muffs are pretty handy, and they’re not very expensive either. You can buy ear-muffs on their own and also in complement to a whole sleeping set with an eye mask and more sleep-inducing items.

Take into account that some of the side effects of sleeping with headphones can also occur due to sleeping with earbuds (wax build-up, inflammation, etc.).

Play white noise

Not only white noise can help to mask annoying nocturnal noises, it can also make you fall asleep faster.

Researchers found that playing white noise to neonates made 80% of them to fall asleep in less than 5 minutes.[2]

Getting a sleeping pod

Sleeping pods used to be an object of fiction seen only in movies and sci-fi TV shows a few years ago.

But with the advancement in relaxation and sleep technology, sleeping pods have become a real thing.

Sleeping pods are automated sleeping solutions that you can control using a remote.

They’re fitted with the best technology that helps you remain calm, collected, and relaxed while you’re inside.

Most sleeping pods come with air-conditioning, soft surface material, relaxing air ventilation, and much more.

An example of how sleeping pod looks like

But the thing is, they’re expensive.

So, if you’ve got a big budget to deal with your noisy bed, you might want to get a sleeping pod.

Repairing your bed

If you don’t have a hefty budget to deal with your bed’s noise problem, and you want to find a lasting solution for it, the best way to go, in my opinion, is to get it repaired.

The problem will most likely be in the screws of the frame.

So, letting a carpenter take a look at your squeaky bed would be the right thing to do.

Getting a canopy bed

We talked about canopy beds and took inspiration from them to make our own DIY soundproof bed solution.

But if you’ve got the funds to get it, a canopy bed would be one of the best solutions for your problem.

Not only are canopy beds beautiful, but they’re also incredibly effective in stopping excessive noise from disturbing you and others as well. So, getting a canopy bed will be a great investment.


Noisy beds can be a huge problem.

Since soundproof beds don’t come out factory-made, we have to find our own way of making soundproof beds for a relaxing sleep.

With the help of this guide, you’re going to be able to find the right method of soundproofing your bed that you can afford.

Good night.

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