10 Cool Things for Your Bedroom that Can Make You Sleep Better

An illustration of some cool things for your bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary.

It’s where you relax after a long day, where you dream, and where you spend time with your special person.

While it is true that a paired-down bedroom used only for sleep is recommended by most experts,[1], there are lots of cool things for your bedroom that can help with your sleep and give your bedroom an awesome aesthetic.

The world has changed dramatically in recent years.

Whereas we all used to go to sleep and wake up with the sunshine, nowadays we can choose our sleep hours to be whatever we want them to be.

But that freedom has made sleep problems more common.

People have created all sorts of weird and wonderful devices for our bedrooms that can help us to get to sleep, get up, or have more restful nights that are also high-tech and undeniably cool.

So here is a list of 10 cool things for your bedroom which will help you sleep better.

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10 Cool Things For Your Bedroom That Will Help You Get To Sleep, Stay Asleep, and Wake Up

1) A weighted blanket can help reduce your insomnia and anxiety

Weighted blankets have been launched into the public consciousness in recent years, but they are based on a tried and tested treatment technique known as deep pressure stimulation.

It is a blanket with weights sewn into it at regular points along the blanket to make it heavier.

This technique involves using hands-on pressure on your body to help relax the nervous system and help with various conditions.

A weighted blanket takes out the human element of deep pressure stimulation, and the results still seem to be effective.

They usually weigh between five and 30 pounds.

Research has shown that weighted blankets could help with autism-related insomnia,[2] reduce anxiety,[3] improve sleep quality and prevent insomnia[4] in the general population, and reduce chronic pain.[5]

2) A smart sleep tracker can help you understand your sleep and detect if you have sleep apnea

If you’re a data-minded type of person, you probably already have some tech to track your activity levels.

But did you know that you can do the same thing for your sleep?

A lot of activity watches do have some form of sleep tracker in them.

A smart sleep tracker can be the portal to helping you truly understand your sleep.

There are also free sleep recording apps on the app store, but they are less reliable and have less functionality.

3) A lightbox can help to reset your circadian rhythm

One of the reasons many of us struggle to get to sleep is out of sync we are with our natural circadian rhythms.

This is partly because we can stay up later because we don’t need to go to sleep when it gets dark.

Another culprit, however, is blue light.

The LEDs in our electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, and televisions, emit light that is in the blue light range.

This light has two effects that can affect our sleep:[6]

  1. It increases alertness and stimulates cognitive functions, which can make it more difficult for us to wind down.
  2. It shifts our circadian rhythm because of its effect on the sleep hormone melatonin.

One of the most effective ways of resetting our circadian rhythms is through the use of a lightbox.

A lightbox replicates natural sunlight and can help reduce sleepiness during the daytime.[7]

4) Alarm clocks that can help get you out of bed, even if you don’t want to

We all have trouble getting up sometimes.

Finding the will and the energy to physically drag our bodies out of bed can seem impossible.

And with a normal alarm clock, it is far too tempting to hit the snooze button and roll over to go back to sleep.

But this can actually make you more tired and leave you in a rush to get out and do the things you need to do.

So how do you force yourself out of bed even when you don’t want to?

Some clever people have come up with ingenious ways to stop the snooze cycle and force you to get up and out of bed.

Most people find that the second they physically get up, they no longer feel the need to roll over and go back to sleep.

The choice of alarm clock is yours, but you can find:

The struggle to get out of bed is real, and although you may curse these alarm clocks whenever they go off, there’s no doubt that they will do the job that they have set out to do.

And you will be awake even if you don’t really want to be!

5) A white noise machine can help you get to sleep even when it’s noisy outside

You can think of white noise as being similar to white light.

It has the same intensity of sound throughout the audible frequency range.

If you have trouble getting to sleep because of external noises, then a white noise machine might do wonders for you.

In a research, people living in New York City who were struggling to sleep because of environmental noise and found that white noise significantly improved their sleep quality.[8]

You can set these machines to play white noise for a set period of time or throughout the night to help drown out external noise so that you can relax enough to get to sleep.

6) A mini-fridge for your skincare can help to shorten your bedtime routine

Skincare is huge at the moment.

Everyone is searching for the perfect routine to help their skin look its most perfect, dewy best.

But a lot of skincare and beauty products really should be kept refrigerated to keep them working effectively.

No one wants to go stomping back down the stairs to put their skincare in the fridge when they’re trying to get to bed, so a mini-fridge for your bedroom to store your skincare in can save you a lot of stress and bother.

Not only will it make sure that your skincare works properly, but the products will also feel amazing and cooling on your skin.

It will make your bedtime routine a little bit shorter and easier, and who doesn’t want that?

7) A smart humidifier can help to reduce your congestion and alleviate sleep apnea

Air quality matters!

And a humidifier is one of the best devices you can own to help improve the air quality in your home.

Not only can humidified air helps to reduce your cold and flu symptoms, reduce dryness in your skin, and help alleviate your allergies, but it can also help you get a decent night’s sleep.

A humidifier’s job is to add moisture to the air, and this can help prevent your airways from becoming decongested.

Decongested airways can worsen sleep apnea, and using a humidifier can help to give people with sleep apnea a more refreshing sleep.[9]

But it’s not just people with sleep apnea who can benefit from having a humidifier in their bedroom. Being congested can stop anyone from having a restful night’s sleep.

With a smart humidifier, you can be sure that the air in your bedroom will be perfect whenever you’re in bed.

8) A smart pillow can reduce your snoring and wake you up gently

A pillow is just a pillow, right?

Well, not always.

Picking up a smart pillow can make you feel as though you are living in the future and can help to improve your sleep health. Smart pillows have tech embedded into them that can do all sorts of cool things, including:

  • Playing music, podcasts, white noise, etc through the pillow itself.
  • A vibrating alarm that will wake you up but not your partner.
  • Snore detection that will gently wake you up when your snoring gets too loud.
  • Sleep data tracking.

Smart pillows are perfect for couples.

If you prefer listening to white noise, but your partner prefers silence, if you need to wake up at completely different times, or if one of you snores, then a smart pillow can help to save your sanity and your sleep.

9) A smart heated blanket can help make you comfortable if you’re sensitive to cold

Some people feel the cold a lot more than others, and feeling chilly can make it so much more difficult to get to sleep.

Your grandmother might have had an old-school heated blanket back in the day, but a smart heated blanket takes that concept to the next level.

This blanket has 3 warming settings (high/medium/low), over heat protection, and 4 hour auto shut off.

You can even adjust the temperature using the app or voice commands so you can get it just right. The future of comfort really is here right now!

Take into account that this specific blanket doesn’t work at 220 volt;

10) A meditation headband can have you drift into a blissful sleep in no time at all

Our modern lives are stressful and busy.

So winding down enough to get to sleep can be a struggle for many of us.

Because of that, many people turn to practices such as meditation and mindfulness to help them get into a restful state, which really does work.[10]

Meditation has powerful effects on our bodies and minds that can make us physiologically and psychologically ready for sleep.

But how can you meditate in bed without disturbing other people or using uncomfortable headphones?

A smart meditation headband, of course.

This headband is super soft and flat to sleep on, and you can play on it hypnotic stories, guided meditation, soundscapes, white noise, or ASMR, which you can find easily on YouTueb.

If you struggle to relax enough to get to sleep, this headband is a cool bedroom gadget that will take you there in no time at all.

The Bottom Line

When searching for cool things for your bedroom, you can think about both the aesthetics and the practicalities.

The latest in modern technology is always cool, and the gadgets on this list can make you feel like your bedroom really is in the future.

And, best of all, they can actually help to improve your sleep, which will make you less tired and happier.

What do you got to lose?!

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